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It’s time we, as the human family, take a different approach to health, as Hippocrates said, “The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it.”

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What Readers Say About The Book

Jay Bonansinga
New York Times bestselling author 
of Pinkerton's War

"A powerhouse compendium of useful and often life-saving information.  Required reading for anyone who wants to get healthy and stay healthy."

Denver CO
“Lauren Takata says it perfectly in the chapter Detox for Fertility and a Healthy, Happy Baby! Finally someone who understands and is willing to share the importance of your health and how it can affect your journey on becoming a mother. You won’t find this kind of support and knowledge at a doctor’s office.”
Brittney Tossetti
Librarian & Book Store Owner, 
Bloomington, IL
“Filled with personal life-changing testimony! Easy to follow directives on how to change an unhealthful, toxin-filled home into a more healthful environment. Gives attainable steps that can be followed without additional costs, to live healthier lives. I recommend reading for those wanting to feel healthier and for those concerned for the general health of the natural environment.”
Patricia Morin
Holistic Nutritionist
Krista Zweers
Learn about the healing properties in food and the holistic lifestyle to create energy, promote optimal health. Enjoy the food you eat in a whole new way and feel your best!
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Holistic Nutrition Consult 
Value $150*
What do you do when your child chokes? What is the single most important thing when he's bleeding? Or has a head injury? Knowing the answer to these questions can be LIFE or DEATH for your child. This knowledge is PRICELESS!!
Integrative Medical Doctor
First Aid For Kids 
Live Online Class Value $197
Dr. Chris Neveling MD
Discover Movement 
Value $19.95
Dr. Trish Murray DO
 Enhance your mobility, build strength, improve balance, and move with confidence 
and ease! This 30-day membership gives access to LIVE & recorded classes 
Self-Myofascial Release, Movement for Longevity, Discover Yoga.
Medical Doctor
Dr. Julia Ward MD
Make it easy, fast and fun to eat colorful fruits and vegetables, hearty fish — plus a splash of flavorful olive oil and perhaps even a glass of red wine — among others characterizing the traditional cooking style of the Mediterranean Sea culture.
Mediterrenean Diet Plan 
Value $49